Concentration while stitching is essential in order to get the desired result. The embroidery is always exciting because I'm never completely certain of how it will turn out. This is a process of adding stitches and removing them, adding fabrics, cutting fabrics, and so on. This creates a worked-through image in which, for the viewer with attention to detail, the journey is often still visible.

Lia de Jonghe

Member of Fiber Art Fever!


Catalog Rijswijk Textile Biennal (Dutch and English, Frank van der Ploeg).

Contemporary Identities (English, Izmer Bin Achmad)

Textielplus (Dutch, Dorothť Swinkels)

Exhibitions 2023

June 30 - July 9
Losdok, Veemkade, Amsterdam

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March 2 - March 5
Art Chapel, Beatrix park, Amsterdam

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Exhibitions 2021

December 11 - March 8
Van Der Helst Plein Exposities
blogspot VDH
Public space, 18 windows of Cleerdin and Hamer law firm
van der Helstplein 3, Amsterdam

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June 24 - 27
Art Up Lille, stand of Fiber Art Fever!

Exhibitions 2020

Small sized art works, Teheran

Exhibitions 2019

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June 28 - October 6
Textiel BiŽnnale Rijswijk

May 30 - June 8
Vestingval Elburg

Exhibitions 2018

October 5 - 7
Doksalon Amsterdam

November 15 - 17
Textiel Plus Festival Den Bosch

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de Vitrines, AMC Amsterdam


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ZIN 2018

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ZIN 2020